Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a company were employees can excel personally as well as professionally. We achieve this by providing everyone with a challenging work environment in a position with lots of responsibility. We also invest in personal development. We want to foster an environment where everybody loves to go to work every day. We all work together to achieve our goals.


Our core values are:


  • Enthusiastic. We’re passionate about our products, the job, the company, train travel and the Internet.

  • Helpful. We’re helpful towards customers, the Eurail Group, the railways and each other.

  • Knowledgeable. We strive to be experts about the train products and e-commerce.

  • Dedicated. We work hard and are committed to represent the brands responsibly, in all levels of our organisation.

  • Proactive. We’re full of energy to act on the fast changes in the world surrounding us.