Smart working

To us, the philosophy behind smart working is that employees with a good work/life balance are better performers. Some examples of smart working include working from home, which limits the time you need to travel to the office. You also have the freedom to be flexible when combining having young children and a challenging job.


Want to know how we achieve this?

  • All employees receive a laptop and mobile phone.

  • You define when you start in the morning: you can begin between 7:00-9:30 so there’s enough time to schedule meetings together if necessary. 

  • You’re allowed to work from home. You’ll get VPN access to the office network to make this possible.

  • You’ll get flexibility in the way you schedule your work week and days.

  • Our office in Utrecht offers a workplace for everybody.

We work on the basis of trust. You don’t have to keep records of your activities or hours, but of course it’s very important that you communicate when and where you work so that colleagues aren’t hindered by your absence.