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Customer Service Agents (part-time) is currently looking for Customer Service Agents to work part-time from home, answering emails from our customers.

Our customer service agents reply to emails from customers and website visitors of, and These emails are mainly about traveling in Europe, about which pass to choose and about which trains to take. We receive about 60.000 emails per year. We work together in a common email system with several agents on each language and reply to customers within 24 hours.

The minimum amount of hours to work in low season (September-April) is 7 hours. In high season (May-August) this is 15 hours. You can work up to 40 hours if you want, if there is enough work to do. Except when vacation is requested, you are supposed to work at least once every other day (also in weekends), to ensure timely responses to our customers. At which hours of the day you work, is completely up to you. This also doesn’t have to be scheduled in advance.

The requirements to apply for this vacancy are:

  • You have excellent writing skills in Spanish, Korean or Mandarin (for Mandarin our preference goes to a native speaker)
  • You also have excellent writing skills in English
  • You fit the profile of the team:
    • You fulfill the specific competences for this position. This means that you work with accuracy, you are customer oriented, you are flexible and you are a quick learner
    • You fulfil the core values. At we are committed, enthusiastic, helpful, proactive and knowledgeable
    • Your age is between 18 and 35 years
    • You are flexible in your working times
    • You have affinity with traveling, and computers
  • You are currently living in The Netherlands
  • You have an EU passport or a permit to work in the Netherlands

If you are interested in working at, you can send an email to Claudia Hagenaars (Recruiter) via to apply for this position. Please include your CV and motivation letter. Please also mention the languages you speak.

We strive to inform you within 3 weeks after your application if you’re selected.

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